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5 Hose Accessories You Can’t Live Without

Renee Valdes
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Drip irrigation kit

As gardeners, we’re always searching for better technology to help save water, money and time. Check out our favorite garden hose accessories with those goals in mind.


Drip irrigation

1. From a hose faucet, easily connect a drip irrigation system. Because water is delivered slowly, it soaks into the ground around plant roots, reducing runoff and saving money. Pair it with a timer.


Hose timer

2. Hose timers let you water even when you’re not home. Some allow you to water two areas with one spigot. Once the timer is set, your watering chores will be handled for you. 


Orbit hose adaptor

3. A hose adaptor holds up to two hoses, giving you flexibility for all your watering needs. Let one side be used for daily watering and attach a drip irrigation system or soaker hose to the other.


Try a hose guide to protect your garden plants ll The Home Depot Garden Club


4. Hose guides easily protect vegetable, herb and flower beds from damage when dragging the hose around. They’re a must-have garden accessory.

Try this copper garden hose guide project to make your own.


Hose holder

5. When it’s time to reel in the hose, don’t let it be a chore. This decorative hose holder makes it easy. It installs easily and holds up to 125 feet of hose. Then, just wrap your hose around the holder and voila. Learn more about hoses and attachments.


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