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5 Good Reasons to Grow an Organic Garden This Year

Lucy Mercer
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Organic gardening means different things to different people, but simply put, it’s about growing plants and flowers without synthetic fertilizers and other chemicals. Paying attention to what goes into your garden will yield healthful and delicious results.

Here are our top reasons to grow organically this year:



1. There’s never been a better time to grow organic. With The Home Depot’s Garden Club and other resources available today, information on organic seeds, soils and amendments is just a click away. A recent survey of Garden Club readers ranked organic gardening high among topics of interest, so sign up today and look for more stories to help you garden organically.



2. A commitment to growing organically puts you in touch with the generations of gardeners who grew their own food. If you’re committed to eating local, you can’t get more local than your own backyard garden. 



3. From seed to soil to harvest, growing organically gives you control of what goes into your family’s food. Check out the organic alternatives in seeds, soils and amendments to grow your organic garden. 



4. Organic gardening methods teach sustainability and practicality. Instead of using pesticides, rotate crops each year to eliminate pests. Collect and compost vegetable matter to create your own organic compost.



5. As an alternative to purchasing organic produce at a farmer’s market or grocery store, growing your own vegetables at home can put money back in your pocket. And if you have a bumper crop this year, learn how to preserve, pickle and “put away” for an enduring harvest.

For more quick lists, check these out:

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