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5 Favorite Fall-Planted Flower Bulbs

Home Depot
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5 Favorite Fall Planted Flower Bulbs

Fall is your chance to design a spring full of color. Plant spring-blooming favorites such as tulips, daffodils and alliums, and your garden will be bursting with flowers from March through May.

Planting spring-blooming bulbs is easy. About a few weeks before the soil freezes, dig a trench or hole a few inches deep and drop the bulb in. See the directions included with the bulb for individual specifications. Add fertilizer, water and cover with soil.

With these five bulbs, you’ll put in minimal effort and get maximum results.

Five Easy-to-Grow Spring-Blooming Flower Bulbs



  • Daffodils. Grow these classic, sunny blooms by the dozen. Among the first to flower in spring, daffodils are strong, reliable, critter-resistant and easy to grow. With hundreds of varieties available, select a few that will keep your garden in bloom for several weeks.



  • Allium. With their pom-pom purple or white blooms and star-shaped flowers, alliums are unique bulbs to grow. They are critter-resistant, a favorite among pollinators and bloom year after year.



  • Hyacinth. Hyacinth are known for their glossy leaves and colorful, bell-shaped flowers. But perhaps their best quality is the fragrant perfume of their blooms, a sure sign of spring.

Grape Hyacinth

  • Muscari. Another reliable spring-blooming bulb, muscari, or grape hyacinth, adds tiny blue flowers to the garden. Save time and create a layered look by planting muscari bulbs in the same hole as each tulip.



  • Tulips. The third most popular flower behind roses and mums, tulips are strong growers and excellent bloomers. They come in a variety of colors, textures and shapes, and can weather a wide range of growing conditions. Tulips are known as deer candy, so plant them close to the house or in containers.

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