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5 Birdhouses You’ll Want for the Birds

Renee Valdes
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Birds can be finicky about where they live. So choosing birdhouses attract birds can be an art in itself.

Start with a feeder to attract the birds and then make them feel at home with a birdhouse.

5 ideas for birdhouses to help lure feathered friends

Good Directions Copper Birdhouse

1. Copper Condo 

Celebrate the birds and the look of this copper condo. The decorative blue roof comes gives a patina look or choose a copper top that will naturally develop a patina over time.

Beauty and the birds.

2. Rustic Home

Birdhouses with small openings help attract wrens. This birdhouse and others like it will make them feel right at home.

DIY Birdhouse


3. DIY Bungalow 

Make this pretty DIY bungalow and attract small birds to your outdoor space. It’s a fun and easy project and you can paint or stain the birdhouse the color of your choice.

Fancy bird "Hotel Coronado"


4. Fancy Hotel

This 10-room hotel for purple martins is inspired by the iconic Del Coronado Hotel in San Diego. The purple martins will flock to this hotel when placed near open fields and a source of water.

See Rock City is a popular choice for the birds.

5. Classic Barn

The birds will fall in love with this classic “See Rock City” birdhouse barn. If they don’t, you will. This birdhouse is the perfect cozy home for Carolina Wren, Tufted Titmouse, Carolina Chickadee, House Sparrow and Eastern Bluebirds. It will also attract Purple Martin when mounted on a pole in open areas.

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