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5 Best Vegetables to Grow Organically This Year

Lucy Mercer
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“Organic gardening” is a phrase we hear so often that we might need to stop and think about what it truly means. Organic gardening is technically defined as gardening without the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. But it’s grown to mean much more — a gardening philosophy that embraces sustainability and traditional methods of food growing. Get a taste of organic gardening with these easy vegetables.


1. Garlic. Plant cloves of garlic in the spring just as soon as the ground is warm enough to be worked. Sow in trenches and mix in plenty of organic compost.



2. Peppers. Plant pepper seedlings deep, like tomatoes, so they will establish more roots. Follow with a cushion of mulch to retain moisture through the growing season.



3. Sweet potatoes are a natural for raised beds. Plant the slips in spring and let the summer sun do its work. Learn more about growing sweet potatoes



4. Onions. Plant onions in spring once all danger of frost has passed. Southern gardeners can plant in fall for fresh onions in the winter and early spring. Like garlic, it’s said that the pungent smell keeps most pests and diseases away from onions. 



5. Green beans. Grow either bush or pole beans. To keep pests at bay, be sure to use beans packaged for the current season and rotate crops every year.


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