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4 Ways to Stop Wasting Water

Home Depot
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Half of the water used on plants and lawns goes to waste. With a few tweaks, you can maintain a healthy lawn and landscape while using a fraction of the water.

Save time, reduce water bills and conserve precious resources by watering smarter.

Here are four easy ways to use less water outside.


Water | The Home Depot's Garden Club

Go auto. Make your life easier by installing a drip irrigation system or soaker hoses. Both slowly deliver water directly to plant roots, reducing water usage by 30 percent to 50 percent. Timed sprinklers are also more effective than watering by hand.


Water | The Home Depot's Garden Club

Water at the right time. Water in the morning to avoid evaporation from afternoon heat. Water mature shrubs twice a week during summer and give thirsty flowers and veggies 1” of water a week. If you can see a footprint on the grass, it’s time to water. Remember to check your rain gauge before watering.


Water | The Home Depot's Garden Club

Stop leaking money. A dime-sized hole in your irrigation system can waste 6,300 gallons a month – that’s 90 bathtubs full of water. Check hoses, spigots and irrigation systems for leaks, then repair. You’ll immediately reduce your water bill.


Water | The Home Depot's Garden Club

Grow low-water plants and add mulch. Replace those thirsty annuals in your garden with low-water plants. Just as beautiful and much easier to care for, drought-tolerant plants instantly lessen water usage. When planting, add 2”-3”of mulch to reduce evaporation by up to 75 percent.


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