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Build a Round Planter for Pansies

Home Depot
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Difficulty: Beginner


Pansies Pumpkin Final Image - THD - 400x560

Showcase a unique display of color in your yard by combining two hanging baskets to create a spherical planter! Fill your planter with beautiful pansies to usher in the fall and reuse a few months down the road with colorful annuals to celebrate spring.

Thanks to Home Depot Community associates Jennifer Scott and Maureen Follen for designing and making our project!





Remove the chains from the hanging baskets. Set aside one of the chains for later.

Step-1A - THD - 300X300


Fill both of the lined planters with soil, watering as you go. It’s important to keep the soil thoroughly moist, as that will help hold it in place when you link the two baskets. Water once more when baskets are completely filled.



Turn both planters on their sides and align to create a sphere. Match the wire patterns on the outside of the planters so that they line up in the middle.

 flip-filled-planter-together -THD - 300X300


Hold the planters together at the seam and use 10 cable ties around the entire planter to tightly secure the two sides together.


step 5

Trim any excess cable ties.

snip-off-excess - thd - 300x300


Using a knife or scissors, cut a 2-inch X-shaped slit for each plant, spacing the slits evenly throughout both basket liners. 

STEP 7b-THD-300X300


Attach the chain you set aside earlier on top of one side of the planter, using additional zip ties to secure it if necessary.

Step 8 - THD - 300x300


Flip the planter so that the chain is on the bottom (resting on your work surface) and begin planting pansies in the X-shaped slits on the exposed top. 

Planting Pansies Ball - THD - 300x300


Once all of the exposed X-shaped slits are filled, flip the planter over and hang it. While hanging, plant the remaining pansies in the rest of the slits. 

Planting Pansies Ball - THD - 300x300

Water weekly, if not daily, depending on where you live. For best results, water slowly from the top so all plants have a chance to absorb the water. Do not be discouraged if your pansies look a little limp at first — fertilize as instructed on the label and soon they will be flourishing in their new home!


Editing by Emmaline Harvey.

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