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15 Most Popular Pins from the Garden Club Pinterest Board

Renee Valdes
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She shed

The Garden Club Pinterest board serves as a great resource for gardeners of all stripes, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced green thumb. We pulled the 15 most popular Pinterest pins from the past year, offering a range of ideas, tips and more. Feel free to repin your favorites!

She shed interior

1. This cozy cottage shed post came in as the top pin on Pinterest. “She sheds” rank among the best trends we’ve seen in a long time. It’s sort of like a man cave, but out in the garden in a shed tricked out to be a cozy, comfortable retreat in the backyard. Add planters, curtains, flowers and more.


2. Azaleas need food, too. Grow vibrant blooms when you fertilize azaleas in spring. You’ll give them the right start for the season.

Spring fertilization infographic

3. This infographic on spring fertilization is chock full of information. It has everything you need to know about fertilizing your lawn in spring, including what the numbers mean on the fertilizer bag.

All about roses, from garden beds to containers, from Chris Van Cleave and The Home Depot.

4. Roses may be demanding. They have quite the diva reputation. But the rewards are plentiful. Roses also play well with other plants. Get more out of your roses and read up on them here.

Purple clematis

5. Clematis is a beautiful climbing vine and a colorful showstopper. Plant these big, bright blooms and watch them climb up and around your mailbox, a trellis, or a column in your outdoor space. Find growing tips using The Home Depot Plant Search.


6. Sunflowers brighten summer gardens and they’re easy to grow from seed. Try container varieties, too, for a season full of sunshine. Get detailed information on growing and tips using Plant Search.

Solar shed

7. A solar potting shed comes with tempered glass windows and it’s the perfect place for starting seeds, keeping plants warm when it’s chilly outside, and all tasks on your potting bench. This shed also stores lawn and garden shovels, hoes and power equipment.


8. It’s incredibly easy to make your own compost. Let Mother Nature and a few hundred earthworms do all the work. Just add your vegetable and fruit scraps and egg shells.


9. Who needs flowers when you can have the vibrant foliage of coleus. Coleus likes part-shade, so keep it out of the afternoon sun. They’re also perfect companion plants for hosta.


10. Foxglove blooms come in colorful spikes such as pink, white, peach, red and purple. They’re late spring to mid-summer bloomers in zones 4 to 9. Get growing information and varieties on our Plant Search.

Ornamental grass perennial

11. Ornamental grasses make a great addition to any outdoor space. They add texture, movement and sound.

Stargazer lily

12. Stargazer lilies love full sun and well-drained soil. They reward gardeners with undeniably brilliant blooms and a spicy fragrance. Learn what else they need.

Colorful tomato cages

13. Frame your tomato plants with these colorful, powder-coated, heavy-gauge tomato cages, and watch the plants take off. No worries about flimsy cages collapsing in summer storms or from the weight of your prize-winning fruit.


14. When the weather warms up, look to plants that can take the heat, including coreopsis.

Spring windowbox

15. With so many textures and colors of flowers and greenery, window boxes not only say “Hello, spring,” but they also bring instant curb appeal. 

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