10 Best Heat-Tolerant Flowers to Plant Now

Renee Valdes
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When the heat’s on, plant easygoing flowers that soak up the sun. Heat-tolerant flowers do the work for you so you’re maintaining less often. They can take harsh heat and during dry spells, bounce back easily when watered.

Better yet, add mulch and you’ll cut down on watering, too.

So pour on the heat and check out our low-maintenance must-haves for your hot and sunny garden.

  • Purple aster bring lots of feathery petals and love the heat, too.
    Hardy asters bring a profusion of perennial color to your garden. They can survive harsh heat and cold. Pinch back occasionally for fuller blooms.
  • Zinnia just loves the heat.
    Fill your garden with zinnia and the annual blooms will keep the color show going all season long.
  • Blazing star attracts butterflies with its long spikes. It's an extremely hardy perennial and deer-resistant.
  • Stonecrop sedum brings lasting beauty in a perennial garden.
    Sedum is a spreading perennial that comes in like clockwork year after year. It's a must-have for sunny spots in the garden. 
  • Lantana is a heat tolerant bloom.
    Lantana can take the hottest corner of your garden. Watch this annual thrive as the thermometer heats up.
  • Yarrow with clusters of heat tolerant flowers.
    This feathery perennial is highly adaptable to a variety of conditions. Yarrow is aromatic and brings long-lasting blooms into cooler temperatures.
  • Veronica (Speedwell) brings beautiful heat tolerant bloom.
    Veronica (Speedwell) brings perennial blooms that can take the heat, as well as the cold. Remove spent blooms for more of them.
  • Cleome for heat tolerant garden
    These unusual annual flowers create clouds of color. Plant cleome in clusters and watch the hummingbirds flock to your garden.
  • Coneflower brings perennial beauty that blooms brightly even on the hottest days of summer. It comes in a variety of colors, including orange and pink.
  • Marigolds thrive in the heat.
    Marigold is an annual bloom that brings vivid orange and yellow flowers throughout the growing season. It deters pests when planted near vegetables.



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